We can supply to just about any Project, be it Residential, Rural, and even Commercial. We have the ability to supply products to almost any work site, and even work with specialists builds, with our products Cupolex Solarslab and Rialto.

Collaboration efforts

Not sure how our products work? No worries! We can easily guide you, and your team of builders through the simple install process, and you'll be away confident in no time at all.

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Installation advice and know-how

Build Products   Ltd

BPL is a modern company with old roots, with a new way of doing things.
Where old companies and products discourage change, BPL is all about embracing the future.
Helping Kiwis advance to the next stage in construction technologies, that have already proven themselves evolutionary overseas.

We'll work and collaborate alongside architects and engineers with you or on your behalf to ensure your building/foundation requirements are met precisely and systematically. We even cater for those with tricky TC2/TC3 land specifications.

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A Christchurch based Company
Here's a couple of our most popular building products


Interconnecting dome based system invented in Italy and used Worldwide. This building product is made from 100% recycled plastic, and with limitless potential for underground heating, cooling, and liquid storage.
Cupolex is cheaper and more effective than any other commonly used slab system in New Zealand.
This is the future in concrete slab design. Make your next foundation eco friendly, efficient, without the "designer product" cost.

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Made in Canada since 1959, this is a PVC based, insulated exterior cladding system. This cladding is extremely durable in all situations, including high wind areas. Vinyl Cladding is lightweight in both physical and monetary terms, requires next to no maintanence (such as repainting), and comes with UV protection. Vinyl Cladding is very popular in the U.S. and Canada, and has been used in Australasia for decades. BRANZ approved.

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